SCOM 2007 Authoring Console

A number of people have mentioned that the Authoring Console has now RTMed and is available in 32 and 64 bit. See for links to download.

I looked at my current version on my test system and the version number said 6.0.6278.0 (). I uninstalled that, just in case, and installed the RTM version. It has exactly the same version number so that it is difficult to know if you have updated the version.

Just in case I hade done something stupid I uninstalled the program, reinstalled the RC version, checked that and uninstalled it. I then reinstalled the RTM version and the version numbers are identical. Not good.

So if you have installed the RC of the Authoring Console on a number of machines then I would recommend going around and ensuring that they are uninstalled first before starting the new installations otherwise you will not be able to tell. Or it could be that the RC was so good they did not have to do anything and just released as it was!

Update – 1st May 2008

Ellis Paul from MIcrosoft UK asked the Product Group about this and here is their answer:

Unfortunately the version numbers are the same in the RC and the RTW release. We locked the version to match OpsMgr SP1 for various reasons. We should have made it more clear which version you have installed, but if you look at the Help->About dialog there are a few subtle differences. From RC to RTW the line “Version 6.0.6278.0 ()” was changed to “Authoring Console Version 6.0.6278 ()” and the blank registration section was removed.


Hope this helps,

Well glad that is cleared up. A bit too subtle for me to notice as I was looking at the version number for differences! My comment to the Product Group is that the golden rule of verssion numbers is that you are supposed to give a unique number to each version. That is the whole point of version numbers!


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