Proxy Enabled Quick Check

If you need to quickly see what servers have the Proxy Enabled setting (needed for AD, Exchange, cluster and others) then you can use PowerShell or one of the tools available (the one by Boris is my favourite) but did you know that you can simply create a view?

Go to My Workspace and create a new State View. Give the view an appropriate name, and change “Show data related to:” from Entity to Agent. The criteria that is displayed increases. Scroll down and chose “Proxy Enabled is true” and OK to save the view.


Voila! – you now have a view that shows all the agents where the Proxy Setting is enabled. Note that as agent is chosen management servers do not show even though technically they have an agent.

If you want to see the servers where it is not enabled then create a state view based on agent but do not select any criteria. Once you have the view Personalise it and tick the column for Proxy Enabled and you will see it set to True or False for each agent. There are a lot of useful columns that will give some great information about the agents.


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