MMS Partner Announcements

The big news is usually for the Microsoft announcements which although they are interesting are mainly about betas and roadmaps this year.

Partners also use the MMS to announce their news and while Silect have had a few blog posts about their release of a free version of MP Studio Lite there are 29 press announcements from partners at

Some highlights that I have picked out:

Quest Management Pack for Oracle – Operations Manager 2007 Edition. Supports management of Oracle database instances deployed on Windows, Unix and Linux hosts through the native Operations Manager agent.

Quest is also announcing dedicated initiatives supporting Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager 2007 Cross-Platform Management Extensions (interesting as they had bought Vintela and eXc Software that already provide heterogeneous add-ons for SCOM). The launch of provides a user-friendly forum specifically dedicated to addressing the needs of IT professionals regarding their specific management requirements.

Secure Vantage Technologies Audit Collection Admin adds a graphical user interface to ACS, eliminating the need to administer ACS through command prompts and manual registry edits.

Secure Vantage Technologies Audit Collection Syslog Gateway to forward syslog events into ACS for centralized alerting, archiving and reporting.

Xandros BridgeWays Management Packs betas which utilize the Operations Manager 2007 Cross Platform Extensions for the management of Apache and MySQL on Windows, Linux and Solaris.

AVIcode SQL Reporting Services Management Pack which monitors, detects and diagnoses problems affecting custom reports rendered by Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and provides data on custom report usage including trend analysis and correlation of usage with resource utilization, all within Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007.

HERMES SoftLab announces Management Pack for Oracle’s Siebel. (This has been requested by a number of organisations that I have seen so could be popular).

iWave Software introduces its next generation of integration connectors for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager. The first connector in the new product line is the iWave System Center Operations Manager 2007 to CA’s Unicenter Service Desk r11 Connector.

The NetQoS Management Pack for Operations Manager 2007 combines application response time, link traffic analysis, and device performance metrics from the NetQoS Performance Center into the Microsoft System Center Operations Manager console.

The Secure Vantage Compliance Security Suite allows Windows-based enterprises to manage and audit their data centers more securely while enforcing controls. With comprehensive auditing of Group Policy configurations and changes, coupled with advanced analytics for security events, the suite enables data center customers to quickly assess configuration risks and alert on security violations and incidents. The suite also includes Secure Vantage’s new Security Dashboards for System Center and Forefront Security, providing a centralized security and compliance console for IT professionals, auditors and management.

SolarWinds announced the Orion Management Pack for System Center Operations Manager 2007 and System Center Essentials 2007. The Orion Management Pack will be available at no charge and will connect SolarWinds’ Orion network management platform to Microsoft System Center products. Scheduled for release in June.

And an MMS is not an MMS without 1E. It is nice to see that NightWatchman which has been around for a while which cuts costs by safely shutting down PCs left on overnight is enjoying a new life with all the concerns about green issues.

There are more announcements. So have a look to see if there are announcements that I have not mentioned (I have not covered the SCCM and SCVMM ones) that might interest you.

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