OpsMgr 2007 SCCP RTM

Well only about 13 moths after SCOM RTMed we now have the official capacity tool but with a caveat to check the design with Microsoft!


Last week the Operations Manager team attended the Microsoft Management Summit 2008 in Las Vegas and one of the big questions we got from almost all customers was when is the System Center Capacity tool going to be available? I glad to announce that the OpsMgr 2007 SCCP RTM model is now officially available today from the link below. The model covers Gateway Servers, Audit Collection and Client Monitoring scenarios as well as the complex enterprise deployment scenarios. A note of caution, please review the model with your technical account manager or your Microsoft consultant before doing a full blown deployment. It is also essential that all customers do a pre-production deployment before doing a final production deployment.


– Satya

The MSI is only 536 KB but you also need to download SCCP as well if you have not already done so. 4.7 MB


More info on Capacity Planner at http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/sccp/default.mspx.


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