MP Studio Lite v MP Viewer

I like the Silect product and it is nice to see they are giving away a free version. If you look at this page you can see what it does and what all the other versions do at a glance and see what functionality you are missing out on.

I did download the Lite version that I was going to install on my demo machine but it needs to access the web in order to get a serial number even although it is free. I could not do that as my demo system is on Virtual PC and I do not connect it to the outside world. Shame.

Luckily Stefan was ahead of me and has written a post how MP Studio Lite compares to MP Viewer – the free tool from Boris Yanuspolsky.

To get similar functionality it looks like you need the Module Explorer and Overrides Explorer tools from Boris as well. Looks like I may have to set up my system to access the web.


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