OpsMgr Licensing Bombshell!

The last two posts I have been mentioning that one OML can monitor all the agents on a virtual server as it is one device. And that is how it started anyway. I had a note from a friend at Microsoft which is why my last post had a warning on the end. Anyway here is the Microsoft line.

· Server Management Suite Enterprise will be available starting October 1 and will allow management of unlimited OSEs per physical device

· All standalone MLs and the Server Management Suite Standard change to a per OSE licensing model effective November 1

· Customers with existing Volume Licence agreements (with or without SA) can purchase under the existing per device licensing model until their contract expires (if after November 1), at which time they will need to renew their agreement under the new per OSE licensing model, or if they have SA, will have the option to step-up to the Server Management Suite Enterprise

OK I think that is sucks that the licensing model was changed after the product had been sold for over six months. And I did not see any communications on it and I try and keep up to date with all things OpsMgr. And the SCOM web site still refers to the original licensing and not this new version. Did I say it sucks. Correction it sucks big time.

The only way that you can get unlimited monitoring of all the OSes on a virtual server (regardless of manufacturer) now is to buy the System Center Server Management Suite Enterprise. This includes

  1. Enterprise Server Management Licenses – for System Center Operations Manager 2007, System Center Configuration Manager 2007, and System Center Data Protection Manager 2007
  2. A product – System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2007
  3. Use rights – the right to manage an unlimited number of operating system environments (OSEs) on a single physical server

The cost before discounts etc. is $1,290 (which includes 2 years SA) and the web site says that Software Assurance coverage is required on the Server Management Suites. An Enterprise OML is $426 (no SA which is about 29% per year), an Enterprise CML is $426 and DPM the Enterprise ML is $426 so a total of $1,278 but no SA. You can not buy VMM except as part of the suite or a limited edition for $499. So it is cheaper if you were planning to use all three products and you were going to do SA but that may not be what you want. But if you look at it even if you only use 1 of the 3 products and and at least 3 VMs on the server it is still cheaper to buy the suite for virtual servers. It does not say whether you can mix and match normal OMLs for standard servers and the Enterprise Suite for servers with VMs. I suspect not but it would be nice to have OMLs for all the single physical boxes and juts have the suite licence for the VMWare/Hyper-V boxes.

If you have already purchased the OMLs per device have a look at the PDF on http://www.microsoft.com/systemcenter/en/us/pricing-licensing.aspx to see how you are affected.

But I still think changing the licensing model to a worse one 6 months after release and not communicating or updating the web site sucks. Interestingly Kirill left at the end of June and Brad Anderson took over. Coincidence? System Center Product Group are you listening? Customer dissatisfaction survey anyone? Hello is anyone in?



  1. Henrik Andersen

    Our company (located in europe) was briefed by the local Microsoft rep. in december 2007

    We were also told, that you can mix OML and ESML freely.


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