Want to Try Xplat?

So you have read the PDF, watched the video and subscribed to the blog. You may even have read Anders’s post on setting up Xplat with SUSE with some good screenshots or even Daniele Muscetta’s post where he edited the files to manage CentOS which is not officially supported. (By the way on the beta newsgroup they have said that they will be supporting more OSes at RTM such as AIX).

So what do you need? OpsMgr SP1 (eval OpsMgr SP1 Eval), the Xplat beta from Connect (only works on x86 – x64 will be a later beta release) and a supported OS (unless you want to try Daniele’s approach). Also needs WinRM (WS-Management for Windows). This was introduced with Windows 2003 R2 but the download for 2003 non R2, which is v1.1 also updates R2 servers.

Supported for the beta at the moment are

HP-UX 11iv3 (PA-RISC and IA64)
Sun Solaris 10 (SPARC and x86)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Server
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1

I wanted to setup a system to test it myself and the company I am working for currently wanted it in their test lab. They use VMware and I use Virtual PC. There are convertors and the VHD to VMware looked best as the Microsoft one (also free) requires ADS and other components although I did come across a convertor but did not try it. So if I had a choice the VHD route was best as I could convert rather than do it twice.

VMware convertor to transform VHD files (30 MB and needs you to supply details but it is free)

If you have a subscription contract you can download the Enterprise version http://www.vmware.com/downloads/login.do.

I do not have Solaris or HP-UX so Linux looks like my best bet for a VM. I looked at the Red Hat site but could not find out how to download a test system with having to pay them money up front. I thought that Novell may be the same so I considered Fedora but looked at OpenSUSE. I thought this might be the best bet. Unfortunately after downloading a 4 GB ISO file it was corrupted. After another quick search I found that Novell has SUSE Enterprise Server 10 SP1 on VHD format ready for download. This is a 2.6 GB download which worked this time. You need to create a Novell login in order to download it.

The documentation is a bit sparse but I eventually found that the user is interopt with the password of novell. No mention of Root but trying novell as the password worked for that user as well. It does not have an IP address but gets one from DHCP. You may want to change that. So far I have not had to put in an activation code.

So I have all the pieces now and I am ready to get started. I will post later with how I got on.

PS if you are trying the beta you may want to subscribe to the newsgroups (need a login from the Connect site).




  1. I converted other VMDisks into VHD in the past using WinImage – for example for this machine http://www.muscetta.com/2007/09/26/ubuntu-on-virtual-pc-2007/
    But yo need to reconfigure some things – it will *just* convert the disk format.

  2. Steve

    Hi Ian, I’m evaluating xplat with Suse 10 but am not very familiar with linux, so I was wondering if you had documented any of the following stages you went through with your testing or had any tips etc.

    If not I’ll let you know how I get on.

    Cheers, Steve

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