SCCP Disappointment

System Center Capacity Planner 2007 has been out for a while but it is only recently that the OpsMgr 2007 model has been released. I was looking at it to see how it stands up and used a number of clients that I have designed and sized up to see what it would come up with. I can say now that I am very disappointed with it and can’t see me using it at all even if it is the official sizing tool.

Attached is a PDF with screen shots as I go through a scenario. So if you have not worked through SCCP then this shows you what to expect. evaluating-sccp-2007-for-scom-2007 (2 MB PDF)

My problems with it are

– Does not give database sizes but just number of disks and you have limits on disks that you can use in each model. Lots of different disks available but you have to chose one and only one for each server role.

– Using the smallest disks (36 GB) I sized out a scenario and used the spreadsheet based on Cameron and Kerrie’s work and also the one provided “unofficially” by Satya Vel at Microsoft. In this case the disks size that it came up with for the data warehouse was smaller than the either spreadsheets estimate but no warning that this was a problem. As well as this it sized 600 GB for a 15 GB database.

Database and logs


With 600 GB disks


With 36 GB disks

Sizing Spreadsheet (Community) GB

Sizing Spreadsheet (MS blog) GB

OpsMgr database





Data Warehouse database





OpsMgr log





Data Warehouse log





– The design it came up with had too many servers for the number of agents which I could easily cut by a third without trying.

– You can not do more than 100 remote sites which means the customer I was going to do I could not model as they had 1700 branches.

– You can only assign a WAN bandwidth to all the remote sites or do each one individually. A pain with 100 sites as you can not group them into large, medium and small.

– The defaults keep coming up with client monitoring, which not many customers do, and using a gateway server which is unusual for a remote site. Although the only way to do a DMZ with a gateway is to use one of your 100 sites and create a DMZ “remote” site.

– You have to put a lot of effort in to get very little useful information out.

I don’t know how it works with Exchange or SharePoint but with OpsMgr I would say it is a flop. I would rather have the something like the MOM 2005 sizing spreadsheet. I just wonder how much feedback they had from MCS and partners who go and design and size OpsMgr systems all the time.


  1. Bradley Weller

    Do you have a copy of the SCCP 2007 msi that I can use for myself, possibly by emailing it to me? It seems that Microsoft has discontinued it but is a prerequisite for using the Sharepoint Server planning tool. Thanks.


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