Exchange 2007 SP1 MP in the Works

I saw this in the newsgroup and thought it was worth passing on to a wider audience.

From Åke Pettersson [MSFT] 21st May 2008.

Hello, so let me try to give you a bit of context around what we are trying to do, and the reasons behind the schedule changes.

With the release of the updated Management Pack we want to address as many critical issues as possible that affect Exchange monitoring with OpsMgr. Some of these are fixed by updating the MP and some are fixed by updating OpsMgr components (post-SP1 hotfixes). We decided to ship the MP only when those updated OpsMgr components are also available, in order to give customers the best possible solution. We have also made sure to document those hotfixes in the MP Guide, hopefully making it easier for customers to address the critical issues at once.

We are working hard to deliver the hotfixes. I understand the frustration with the slipping schedule, part of it is due to the testing that the hotfixes go through before release, to ensure quality.

I hope that at least explains a bit what we are trying to do and where we are at.


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