Where is the IBM MP?

The client I am working with uses IBM hardware. At a previous client they also had that hardware and had downloaded the files for me. I wanted to check that I had the latest version.

The MP catalogue still says the original version but that is not always the case so I followed the link to the IBM web site. It would not allow me on as I was not signed up. So I signed up and filled in all the required fields (and don’t you just hate it when the marketing guys put 2 questions at the end about sending you e-mails – the first is tick to receive e-mails but the second is tick not to receive e-mails. Very tricky and one that is easy to miss if you look at the first one and think the second one will be the same).

When I went back to the page it still would not let me in. I had to go and edit some details as that page requires more info and some new fields were now marked as required. And I had to do it again before I actually saw the page. Pretty pathetic for an organisation like IBM.

The the worst bit was that on the page there is no mention of Operations Manager anywhere. There are a number of different downloads but there is no clue if any of those downloads include the MP. I tried a search on their web site and it was awful. I don’t know what search engine they are using internally but they need to dump it and put a proper one in.

Why do companies make it so hard to obtain stuff from their web site? It is not as if there is a cost to it and it helps support their kit. They should be making it available to all. The Citrix MP is another one that you have to sign up for to get hold of. It makes you realise how good Microsoft and their web sites are – especially for downloads.

Another bugbear is that when I did the original IBM files they were exes and when one of them was ran it extracted the files OK but the other starting installing files and the MP. That really annoys me. All I want is to be able to download the latest MP.



  1. To be honest, the thing that really annoys me about the IBM MP, is the fact it doesn’t work properly.
    I’m in the process of fixing it, but I encourage you to run it on a server, and pull up some of the IBM scripts. They use a lot of methods and what not that exist solely in VB, but not VBScript. They run fine interactively, but if you deploy them, many errors. Argh.

  2. Santosh Nepal

    Hi Ian,

    First of all great post on opsmgr 2007. I am trying to download IBM MP also with no luck. I created the account, contacted our rep, she contacted another technial guy and he has no clue what i am talking about. I found a link from stafan’s website and forwarded them that link and they still can’t even figure out how to download a mp. I can’t believe that. Were you able to download? Please let me know how? Thanks.

  3. Andrew

    i feel your pain, i have to deal with IBM pretty well daily and i’m not impressed with thier efforts in the MP’s if an when you can find them, go have a look at some of the messages they generate out of mom and scom and then go figure what it looks like once some of the poor quality connectors out there forward it to tec

    Absolutly Brutal !

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