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A while back I started a page at the side of my blog with a list of all the MOM and SCOM bloggers.

The feeling was if you came across my blog by accident but wanted more on Operations Manager you could look at the list and add which ones you fancied.

As time has gone on it became unwieldy as more people started to blog, some have left and blog names have changed. I used to list them with names I would remember but it started to become difficult to compare my feeds with that list.

I have spent some time and revamped the lists so that the names are the same as the blog name. This makes it easier for me to check that the list is up to date with my RSS reader. I have also demoted blogs that have not been updated in a while to the bottom category – old blogs. But there are still some great posts in these. Perhaps someone should pull together all the good posts into a mega document so that they do not get lost.

The list is split into Microsoft and community bloggers plus I have a list for SCE and another for community bloggers who do good posts about SCOM but are not exclusive. This allows me to include Techlog amongst others now.

I named mine starting with my name first. In retrospect that was a good idea and wish that others did the same. Having a list in my reader that all start with System Center then gets cut off does not help! Be proud of your blog and put your name at the front so it is easy to find in a list.

I have also starred feeds that I personally think are useful to add. Sorry to anyone who is not on the list but it helps narrow it down for newcomers. I personally read every blog on that list and if you are keen on SCOM then you should too.

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