KB951979 (SP1 Hotfix)

Well after the fun and games with Microsoft Support I eventually received my hotfix. They state that you use it at your own risk, they password protect the download file, you then run it to get an MSI which you then run to get the 4 management packs. Why do they make it so hard?

If you want the full details on what it fixes Clive has it all as usual: http://blogs.technet.com/cliveeastwood/archive/2008/06/10/new-kb951979-sp1-hotfix-problems-occur-on-a-management-server-that-is-running-system-center-operations-manager-2007-service-pack-1-when-certain-management-packs-are-installed.aspx


  1. The management server cannot collect the CSDVersion property from Windows Vista-based client computers.
  2. The management server cannot collect operating system properties from Windows 2000 Service Pack 4-based client computers
  3. The HandleCountThreshold agent monitor does not restart the HealthService service on the Microsoft Exchange Server agent even when the HandleCountThreshold value has been exceeded.
  4. Audit Collection Services (ACS) events cannot be collected correctly.
  5. Incorrect warnings are raised for Performance Data Source Module when some services in the system are disabled
  6. Cluster discovery does not work correctly when the Virtual Server Name is a substring of the Physical Server Name

I am working at a client site with Windows 2000. I install the MPs and within a few minutes all the discovery information started getting populated. It has solved a CIMv2 issue I was having with a Windows 2003 server that kept erroring and did not collect the inventory. I was about to roll my sleeves up and get stuck into WMI but this cured it. Marvelous. But it has taken them over 14 months to get SCOM (a version 3 product) to do a basic inventory of some standard Windows stuff like server version and SP info. What ever happened to the Dynamic IT vision that Bob Muglia is still talking about (keynote at TechEd this week)? We need to see the product group becoming a lot more dynamic.

As for Performance Data Source Module this has been a bug since SP1 with the recommendation to switch it off with an override. It is nice to delete that override and not worry about it again. I hope.

The versions are 6.0.6278.19. Hopefully once they are happy with them they will just release them to the web site. I have not seen any issues since installing.

When importing you will get a warning.


This is because the internal library MP has rules that run on the management server. You get the warning sign when you import and if you click it it will show you the rules in question.


Nice touch to ensure that unscrupulous people don’t sneak rules into the MP.


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