Memory, Memory, Memory

If there is one area that can help in an OpsMgr deployment it is memory on the RMS. And to do that usually means 64 bit OS. Windows 2003 Standard x64 supports up to 32 GB whereas x32 is only 4 GB.

Checkout the memory usage on this RMS.


Frightening really. If there is one area that I would like to see improved for SP2 it is in better performance for the OpsMgr components – especially the RMS and console. I would rather have less features that work really well rather than a host of features which don’t really work or are so slow they are unusable.


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  1. Memory does seem to be an issue. I have something like that happening where I’m at, only with different services
    ConfigService 1GB
    SDK Service: 500MB
    Monitoring Host #1: 500MB
    Monitoring Host #2: 500MB
    Monitoring Host #3: 180MB

    From what I’ve been able to observe, SNMP polling/trap reception and synthetic transactions seem to have an amazingly high overhead, as do running custom scripts – especially powershell.

    Bumped our RMS up to 6GB ram initially, will end up at 8Gb – seems like it is holding steady.

    This is for 600 agents, how many is that environment for?

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