Disk Space CPU % Report Table

One of the reports that MOM 2005 had out of the box was a summary report that showed a number of server parameters like CPU and disk space.

MOM 2005 OS Performance Table

This does not exist in 2007 although it is constantly asked for by a number of organisations that I speak to and see comments about in the newsgroups. You can create performance graphs using the templates but they are graphs not a nice summary tables. I thought that it could not be done until I look at the reports from the Virtual Server MP. This has one report that pretty much sums up what a number of customers that I worked with have asked for.

OpsMgr 2007 Virtualisation Candidates All public

What if you are not using Virtual Server? For this report it does not matter as this is the candidates for virtualisation report. The above report was done on test servers that are all running as guests on a VMWare ESX server without any trace of Microsoft Virtual Server.

The report comes with a number of parameters preset. All I did was up all the parameters to the maximum and that meant the report gave all the servers rather than just the candidates. All the performance counters are collected by the Windows 2000 and 2003 MP and not this one.

You can filter the number of servers using the parameters like CPU and memory or you can use group. The one caveat is that the date range is actual dates like in SRS so it does not appear you can use the 2007 controls to select dates like 1st day of month to last day which would make it better for scheduling. I saved it to favourites with All Computers and the parameters at max and so I just need to change the dates to run it again.

But it is a nice little report and worth importing the Virtual Server MP just so you can access this report. I have not tried it but I am sure in SRS you can copy it and make some amendments to customise it a bit more.

Why couldn’t the OpsMgr team have this as a standard report? I will leave the final comment to grumpy old man Victor Meldrew from the UK comedy “One Foot in the Grave“.

image “I don’t believe it”.

Makes sense if you now the comedy program that it comes from. 🙂


  1. Dean

    Quit teasing Ian. How do I get my hands on this report? This is almost what I’ve been begging for since I lost my Disk Configuration reprot in MOM’05. Is there any way of getting this reprot without importing the whole Virtual Server MP?

  2. Colin G

    the Reports are in a MP of their own that is provided with the Microsoft Virtualisation MP, however it does have dependancies on the others 😦
    Ive installed this but the Report does not show any data on my system….

  3. Derek

    That Virtual server MP needs a lot of updating for Ops Mgr. Most of the descriptions and help in the report is all for MOM 2005.

  4. ziembor

    From other side: it very simple to generate similar report. Just use vPerfRAW, vPerfHourly or vPerfDaily views in OperationsManagerDW.

  5. ziembor
  6. Greg

    I downloaded the zip file from Ziembor’s site but PKzip throws an error “No CE signature found”. Has anyone been able to download and unzip this file?

  7. Jason Ferguson

    Has anyone managed to find a disk space report?

    I’m looking at creating a report but the SQL Queries on the DW database are beyond me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Thomas Chittenden

    The Ziembor site MP requires older versions of MPs and won’t import without them.

    This Virtualization MP won’t show data and the walkthrough/documentation is vague and not helpful.

    I need a simple free disk space report on all managed servers by SCOM and after spending more than 15 hours searching for this, nobody has a simple bundled MP with the reports to show this for download. I’ll pay a reasonable price for it but if somebody were to post an importable report to SCOM to show all Logical Disks Size, Free space and % Free space you would really help me meet the needs of our organization.


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