Xplat Part 2 – The Install

The Cross Platform Extensions were announced at the MMS and I wrote a post about the elements you need to test it. Here is the next part showing the install and the views and reports you get. I started this a month ago and it was delayed for various reasons so Cameron Fuller has a similar post out but as I did a lot of work I though I might as well finish it and publish it. Mine has a section on reporting.


This PDF is 3.3MB and 50 pages long. There are an awful lot of screen shots. This is designed not so much for people who want to install it (the existing documentation is very good) but people who do not want to or do not have the time to install it but would like to see what it looks like. This document goes through the install of the components and has screen shots of the various console areas and a section on reports out of the box and customising reports.

My summary:

I am very impressed by

  1. How easy it was to install
  2. How stable it appears to be 
  3. How comprehensive it appears to be
  4. How well it integrates with the console to make monitoring Linux and Unix the same as monitoring Windows so easy for existing operators to pick up

I believe that this is a breakthrough product for Operations Manager and Microsoft. I can see organisations that went for the framework and either ignored OpsMgr or relegated it to a role of being an element manager for AD or Exchange suddenly finding a lot to interest them with this product – especially when they see what it can monitor out of the box with no configuration.

I can not wait until the final release which is projected for early 2009.



  1. Excellent writeup Ian! This is extremely detailed and has excellent content. I’ll link it within the posts that you are referencing.


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