Gateway and OOMADS

I just did a Gateway server install last week and really appreciated the new SP1 MOMCertImport tool which brings up a GUI and shows the certificate. You just need to highlight it and press OK. Much better than before with all the exporting and command line stuff.

I did notice that the two DCs had errors and a quick check confirmed that the AD Helper objects (oomads.msi) had not been installed. As there were only 2 DCS I installed them manually. So it was nice to see that Kevin Holman just posted an article on the same issue. I did not see that problem mentioned in the documents I have about installing the Gateway server. In fact Microsoft’s own Deployment white paper does not even mention oomads.msi which is strange for a paper on deployment. Hopefully another one to add to the fix list for SP2. 

Another helper object is MOMAspNet.msi but it only exists in the x86 directory and not the AMD64 directory. I have not found much information on this and when it should be used – especially when doing manual installs. So if anyone has info on this I would appreciate it. Thanks.


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