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This a growing area with some really good ones as well. I have tried to keep track of MPs not in the main Microsoft catalogue on this page. It needs some work to bring it up to date and make it look better. Pete Zerger also has a page at

The System Center Virtual User Group competition produced some great entries and these can be downloaded from or check the blog.

I like the look of some of these MPs – especially Jaime Correia’s File System Management Pack which was overall winner. I haven’t had a chance to test these MPs yet but just looking through what they do and the docs shows great promise.

Here is the list of winners

File System Management Pack – Jaime Correia

This management pack provides several script-based monitors for shares, files and folders, offering something for most any scenario. The MP also includes custom object classes for discovered objects, and an impressive diagram view. The accompanying MP Guide is also quite detailed.

Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler  – Timothy McFadden

With the Remote Maintenance Mode Scheduler you can schedule PowerShell maintenance mode scripts for computers or groups of computers in OpsMgr 2007 (System Center Operations Manager 2007) through a simple graphical user interface, rather than using the task scheduler directly. The tool also supports scheduling of scripts on any remote computer with the OpsMgr UI components installed.

With the SDK Connector Tool you can manage the Product Connectors in OpsMgr 2007 through a simple graphical user interface.

The reason I created this was that even though the functionality offered in the SDK Connector Tool is available trough Power Shell, I prefer the ease of clicking in a user interface over scripting.

Well said Vicent!

Plus there was Jason Scheffelmaer, who submitted an SCCM Roles Wizard.

And other entries are being released like

Alert Forward Management Pack 3.0 – Ron Williams

This management pack creates a console task that will allow you to forward the selected alert to an email recipient.  To forward an alert, select the alert , and then click on “Forward Alert via Email” in the Actions pane of the Operations Manager console. If you are running the task from a console installed on a PC that also has Microsoft Office Outlook, then the task will open an email pre-populated with the information contained in the alert.  If you do not have Outlook installed, then the email will be sent by SMTP.

Operations Manager 2007 Free Disk Space Monitor MP – Scott Moss

Operations Manager 2007 free disk space script monitor had the same problem the original mom 2005 script had. It required a disk to cross both a percent free and free megabytes thresholds before an alert would be fired off. This script only works on logical disks, not mount points. Monitoring of mount points is done by another script/monitor.

This management pack contains one Monitor named Logical Disk Free Space – Customized that runs the modified Operations Manager 2007 free disk space script. The monitor is setup to run every 15 minutes on the hour. The monitor is disabled by default. There are four rules to catch possible errors that are written to the agents Operations Manager event log.

Or you can do what Anders suggests and change one of the parameters to a very high level like 100% or free MB to 9999999 which means that one of the parameters is always met and only the other parameter will get used. Sometimes it is the simplest things that are quite clever.

MSMQ Monitoring Script – Idan Leder

This script can be used in a Timed Script Rule in Operations Manager and Essentials to monitor the number of messages queued against a user defined threshold.

MSMQ MP was released in June and monitors queues but uses a lot a baseline monitors so it is quite noisy.

Management Pack Export Utility – Neale Brown

This recently updated utility provides several command line options for exporting sealed and unsealed MPs from both Operations Manager 2007 and System Center Essentials 2007. This is especially handy for Essentials administrators, as they previously have had no way to export MPs to an unsealed format.

Group-to-Class Sample MP for Operations Manager 2007 – Anders Bengtsson

This management pack allows security groups in Active Directory to be used to discover classes in Operations Manager 2007. For example if you already have your servers divvied into security groups in Active Directory you can use populate classes from those groups and use the same in Operations Manager 2007 for targeting. This management pack needs to be adapt to your environment before you can use it. Anders recommends you to do that in the Authoring Console.

There may be more to come. Check the SCVUG blog and the downloads page. Links at the top of the post.


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  1. Gopal

    We have installed trial version of SCOM 2007 monitoring tool for Biztalk. Whenever orchestration suspended, we are getting alert in Ops manager console. But alerts have not been automatically forward to E-mail. Every time we have to manually forward the alert to “E-mail by using Forward to–> operations manager Internal Connector”. Could you please advise how to configure alert being automatically forward to E-mail.
    Please let me know, if you need more clarification.

    Thanks and regards,

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