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Staying with the MP theme there is a new site that has some interesting MPs. It goes by the intriguing name of OpsManJam with URL It is obviously a SharePoint site. What makes it interesting is that it is run Microsoft people with contributions from Consulting, Support, Microsoft’s internal IT and the Product Group. All unofficial of course but interesting all the same.

As well as scripts, documents and presentations there is of course management packs.

As well as workaround MPs for MOSS and SPS (the discovery does not like it when SharePoint is not installed – maybe that is deliberate from the SharePoint team!) the ones that caught my eye were

Extended Active Directory MP

This management pack augments the existing Active Directory MP by monitoring the following specific components and subsystems that Active Directory relies on, which are not captured in the current version of the AD MP:
• Domain Name Service (DNS)
• Time Synchronization (W32Time Service)
• File Replication Service (FRS)
• LDAP Operations
• Directory Service Maintenance
• Replication Subsystem

I hope this is getting built into the next AD MP.

Extended Windows Server OS MP

This management pack augments the existing Windows Server MP by monitoring for the following change in your environment:
• Demotion of a domain controller to a Windows member server
• Adds two tasks to perform the following:  Shutdown a Windows server, Reboot a Windows server.

Not sure about the tasks though. Most organisations don’t want the operators to do those sort of things and if they do they need to go through a change process.

Maintenance Mode MP

Sets a set of computers into maintenance mode and leverages the maintenance windows defined on collections in Configuration Manager 2007.   This is the first step in providing integration between Configuration Manager and Operations Manager 2007 by interrogating the agent managed device that also has the ConfigMgr Advanced Client installed and is assigned to a primary site that has maintenance windows defined on a collection the system is a member of.  This maintenance window defined on the collection that controls when advertisements can be executed on a system can be used to control in Operations Manager, when a system is to be placed into maintenance mode during that same service window the advertisement is allowed to execute in.

There are also some interesting and useful docs, spreadsheets and presentations in the document library. There is papers on how MS IT manages overrides, implementing HA reporting, a connector quickstart, a presentation on developing MPs and one on MP life cycle as well as spreadsheets detailing modules and classes in OpsMgr.

Author MPs by Steve Wilson was a great start at providing information on how to author MPs when he was on the OpsMgr team. As he has moved on the site has not been updated for a while. Also GotDotNet was another great site started by a Microsoft PM and for a while housed some good MOM 2005 MPs and scripts. There have been some good blogs started by MS people with great information but they have dried up which is a shame. But I know how difficult it can be to keep a blog going. I hope OpsManJam keeps going with the good work it has started.

All we need now is a single place to find and look up (even if it is just a point to the original site) all these useful MPs along with the community MPs, third party MPs and of course Microsoft official MPs.


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