Set SPN Warning

You may have seen this alert come up in OpsMgr 2007 SP1 if you used a domain account for the SDK and Configuration service account rather than Local System.

SDK SPN Not Registered


If you click on the View Additional Knowledge it tells you how to fix it.


In the Resolution area of the alert and the Knowledge it tells you the same thing – setspn needs to be run for MSOMSDK. But in the Alert Description it says it is MSOMSDKSVC. This is a mistake that was picked up by a customer and Jeanie Decker has posted that it is going to be fixed.

Use the details in the Alert Description. That is use MSOMSdkSvc. It tells you the correct SPN, the RMS NetBios name, the RMS FQDN and the SDK account to use. All you have to do is get them in the right order after setspn.exe -A.

Update 14th August

Be sure to check out the following posts for more information on this subject.

Jonathan Almquist, Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft

Walter Chomak, Microsoft Consulting Services!F56EFE25599555EC!824.entry

Kevin Holman, Premier Field Engineer, Microsoft

I have always prefered to use a domain account for this role but I think I may be using Local System in future.



  1. Kevin Holman

    Just a quick comment…. Setting the SPN manually wont make this error go away – however, because the SDK service tries to register this every time it starts. If the account running the SDK service does not have rights to update the SPN – you will see this every time…. see:

  2. nawir


    after check in server the “OpsMgr Config Service”, “OpsMgr Health Service”, “OpsMgr SDK Service” services all are running as Local System.
    But I still get this warning message “SDK SPN Not Registered” in my SCE2007SP1.
    Do I still need to register SDK as domain a/c eventhough it running as Local System


    -2x AD Win2008 Server Standard x64
    -1x SCE2007SP1 with WSUSSP2, SQL Server 2005 64bit, Win2008 Server Standard x64


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