New Blog with Good Start

Jimmy Harper works in Kevin Holman’s team and has started a new blog.

His first post shows a great example of creating a three state timed script using WMI to get the state of a service. He has included lots of screen shots and the text of the script making it easy to cut and paste – thanks. He also includes the XML MP if you can’t be bothered typing it in – or cutting and pasting.

Could I suggest a follow up blog of showing how this differs from using the Authoring Template to monitor a Windows Service?

Talking about blogs the new OpsManJam blog is good but although it says it has an RSS feed it was not obvious how to get to it. I finally worked it out but Stefan, who had the same trouble, has posted a guide on how to do it for those of you not familiar with SharePoint.

I met John Rakowski at the recent Windows Management User Group meeting in London and he has a good blog with the great name of MOMski.


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  1. Thanks Ian, it was really good to meet you and I will definitely be at the next event. You have added some really good posts which I have enjoyed reading especially the ones about cross platform extensions!



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