Disk Space CPU % Report Part 2

I blogged in June about this nice report that comes with the Virtualisation MP. I received a number of comments and I have seen the post mentioned in the newsgroups. As I said in the previous post it is report that many people want – Product Group take note!

Some info about this report.  I mentioned that the perfmon counters are already collected by the OS MP. I said that because that is what it said in the report description. As Derek points out that is not correct. It seems the people who did this MP were too lazy to update the descriptions. I delved into the MP and it does collect the counters from collection rules that are part of the VMM MP itself. They are collected every 900 secs (15 minutes).  If you search Rules for Virtualization Candidate you will see the eight rules.

The other problem is that is is the virtualisation candidate report. If the server is running on Microsoft virtualistion technologies it is ignored as a candidate. I run the report on servers running under VMWare ESX which means that Microsoft does not consider it a VM! I remember filing a bug in the SCOM beta as there is a column called “Is VM” which only picks up Microsoft VMs. Basically I was told to write my own discovery. It would be interesting to see what they do now given that SC VMM does ESX monitoring as well. The least they can do is change the heading to “Is MS VM”.

Pontus Blomqvist has a post on changing the discovery and this explains why some reports are blank.

There is a small issue with the Virtualization Candidates reports.  I have made my own discovery (For HP Servers, since I just have them) and disabled the default as mentioned in the blog post. And now the Virtual Candidates reports works just fine. 

There are a number of discoveries in this MP but the one that counts for this report is the Virtualization Candidate and a class is created that the rules target to collect the data. If the counters are being collected you can look at a view rather than run the report. Under the Virtual Machine Manager view there is an All Performance view but they are not shown there even though that is the MP that collects the data. Create a new view and chose “collected by specific rules”. Scroll down the Select Rules box and near the end are the 8 rules starting Virtualisation Candidate. Select them and you can then see what has been collected for each server. If you have data then the report will run. Otherwise see Pontus’s post.

Assuming that you do not want to use this set of MPs apart from this report then the options are change the discovery or disable the 8 rules and recreate them using a new target like Windows Server so that all servers will be used and not just those that are virtualisation candidates. Or do your own report.

Ziemek Borowski left a comment that you could use the vPerfRAW, vPerfHourly or vPerfDaily views in OperationsManagerDW to create a similar report. There is information on this in the Report Guide but most infrastructure people are not that au fait with SQL queries and SRS. I challenged Ziemek to create a report and he has created a sample report that can be used as the basis for a fuller report.

You can download his MP at http://ziembor.pl/post/SystemCenterReportingPerformanceOverview-MP-0018.aspxboth in MP and XML. The XML makes it easy to see the SQL query.

Here is a PDF of the report when I ran it on my demo system.



  1. Have you had any luck with getting the virtualiztion candidates report to run? I keep getting errored out? There seems to be some bad sql in the report.

  2. It is noted in Microsoft’s support policy for OpsMgr 2007 running on hardware virtualization software.

    “Operations Manager agent monitoring with Microsoft virtualization software discovers the Windows Computer property “Virtual Machine” which is set to true when the Operations Manager Agent is installed on a virtual machine. This property will remain “False” when the agent is running on non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software. Unless the 3rd party vendor supplies a Management Pack to discover their own virtual machine properties it may not be possible from Operations Manager console views to determine real vs virtualized hardware.”


  3. Jesse – my first post showed the report which is why I blogged it. I had installed the MP on a test system all under VMWare so they were not picked up as VMs but as virtualisation candidates. It does work but is a bit quirky. You either change the discovery or use the report sample that Ziemek did.

    Jonathan – I understand Microsoft’s support policy only too well. My wish is to get them to say it is a MS VM rather than VM in the console as that is confusing and inaccurate.


  4. Silver

    Dear Ian:
    I can’t get Virtualization Candidates report running for normal physical boxes. It seems that no information is collected and nothing in any views under VMM.
    I desperately need some help to let MP to collect physical machines as well.
    I checked the discovery, there is no such override I can do to ignore IsVmware.
    All what I can change is just interval time.
    Pontus Blomqvist blog provides nothing practise information.
    Wonder whether you can help me to solve this problem.
    Really appreciate.

  5. I have a student in my 50028 course that would dearly like to repeat your success with this download. However, whenever he or I attempt to extract the file, we are told that it is corrupt. Did you use a specific tool to open it?

  6. Thomas Chittenden

    I had the same problem when trying to extract but 7-zip worked like a charm as it has worked for other extractions especially with ESX Diag downloads.

  7. tester

    Hopefully some one is looking at this
    I am so sorry for ignorance but could soem one tell me what is Virtulization MP for? Is this MP for MOM 2005 or scom 2007
    What is the exact link to get this MP

  8. Olga

    Could someone Please help me?
    I downloaded the zip file (SystemCenter.Boad.xml)from here : http://ziembor.pl/post/SystemCenterReportingPerformanceOverview-MP-0018.aspx both in MP and XML
    I then imported one of the files (.mp), but i do not see any reports that i am supposed to see under Board. Is there anythign else i need to do after i import mp?

    thank you

  9. Ian Blyth

    Hi Olga

    after importing the MP (which is just the reports) my reports showed up. Although I have noticed that it can take some time for reports to show up.


  10. AJBernard

    How long should one expect to wait in order to see data in the report?

    • Mike

      Wondering if you ever had the reports appear? Cause I am having the same issue!

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