Patching Problems Part 3

Today I pushed out the agent to a number of new servers to see how patching would be delivered. It worked fine and when I looked at the view I had created to show the patch list field I could see that both patches had been installed. I confirmed by going onto one of the servers and checking the version numbers. However the version number of all these new agents says 6.0.6278.0. This means I have a list where some of the agents that were done say 6.0.6278.36 and some are 6.0.6278.0 with no rhyme or reason.

As this diagram shows you can see the patch field with both patches but the version number is different for some agents.

All the management servers and gateway servers are at 0 as are all the manual updates that I did. Some (not 100% but most) of the ones that I pushed out the other day are at 36 but the new ones are at 0. How is anyone meant to keep track of this?


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