Microsoft Exchange Monitoring Service

Ensure that your Exchange team has the Microsoft Exchange Monitoring service set to Automatic if you are using SCOM to monitor Exchange 2007.

If this service is not running you will see a number of Backward Compatibility Script Error alerts mentioning line 279. And not just one for each server but one for each test for each server. They all have the alert description starting with

An error occurred on line 279 while executing script ‘Microsoft Exchange 2007 – Execute Diagnostic Cmdlet’ Source: Microsoft JScript runtime error Description: Number expected One or more workflows were affected by this. Workflow name:

and then there is a description of the command they were trying to run

Execute__Test_ServiceHealth_diagnostic_cmdlet._8_Rule Instance name: Microsoft.Exchange.2007.Microsoft_Exchange_2007_All_Servers_Installation

Execute__Test_ActiveSyncConnectivity__Internal__diagnostic_cmdlet.__Report_Collection__3_Rule Instance name: Microsoft.Exchange.2007.Microsoft_Exchange_2007_Client_Access_Servers_Installation

Execute__Test_ReplicationHealth_diagnostic_cmdlet.__Report_Collection__6_Rule Instance name: Microsoft.Exchange.2007.Microsoft_Exchange_2007_Mailbox_Servers___Physical_Computers_Installation

Execute__Test_WebServicesConnectivity__Internal__diagnostic_cmdlet._3_Rule Instance name: Microsoft.Exchange.2007.Microsoft_Exchange_2007_Client_Access_Servers_Installation

Execute__Test_Mailflow__Remote__diagnostic_cmdlet.__Report_Collection__5_Rule Instance name: Microsoft.Exchange.2007.Microsoft_Exchange_2007_Mailbox_Servers_Installation

and so on for a large number of tests.

This is not mentioned in the Exchange Management Pack Guide.


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  1. Vincent Chu

    Is there a way to monitor whether ActiveSync users are able to access their mails ?

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