Walter’s Views in a Management Pack

While I am on a theme of views Walter Chomak, MCS has released an unsealed MP which is a collection of views that he has used for general diagnostics and MP tuning while at client sites.

Here is the screen shot.

He does include a GIF with the views but here is a screen shot after I installed it to see if you think it is useful before downloading it. I do.

These go into the main Monitoring tab. You can of course go into the XML and change the name to something that you would prefer. Just remember if you change the Name ensure you rename the XML file to match or OpsMgr will not import it and give you an error.

In some of the alerts views I have had to change some of the properties as it was filtering for 0 (New alerts) I changed those to Less Than 255 so anything that is not closed shows up. Useful if you use a number of resolution states. But very neat idea to get you started after my post about Views.

Note – I have just seen that this has been updated to v1.0.0.1. The “DC has been stopped/started” view has been removed as it is part of the AD views. I see no problem in having the same view in multiple places if it makes it easier to find the information



  1. Thanks for the infomration Ian. I appreciate it. Any suggestions greatly welcomed. Cheers!! WC


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