New WSS 3 MP v6.0.6447.0

Here are the changes for the MP from the guide. You only get this information after you have downloaded the MP and installed it to get the guide!

The following list includes all of the changes contained in version 6.0.6447.0 of the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 Management Pack:
•    Updated the GetServerName.vbs discovery script that would previously generate alerts on any non-SharePoint server.
•    Changed classes to public, allowing monitoring to be added and the classes to be used in diagram views.
•    Updated the GetServerName.vbs discovery script so that it works on non-English operating system versions.
•    The SharePoint discovery scripts now use the Privileged Monitoring Account. This enables the management pack to be implemented in low-privilege environments. For more information, see the Low-Privilege Environments section.
•    Changed monitors to public, allowing diagnostics and recoveries to be added to the monitors.
•    Updated various display strings in the management pack.
•    Changed the health roll-up of the Microsoft.Windows.SharePoint.Services.3.0.Server.EntityState monitor to roll up to Availability state instead of EntityState.
•    Changed alert views in the management pack to look for non-closed alerts.
•    Changed the alert priority of all generated alerts to 1.
•    Changed the time-outs of the GetServerName and RecycleAppPool scripts to 300 seconds.
•    Updated knowledge for events 6398, 5586 and 3355.

Nice to know that some of these issues are fixed as the discovery one has been around for a while and the OpsManJam site had an “unofficial” fix out for that one for a while.

Looking at this list and the recent posts on problems with the DNS and ISA MPs it makes me wonder what sort of quality testing these MPs go through. Admittedly that some of these MPs can be quite complex but I would have thought that discovering the components that you are supposed to be monitoring would be key.



  1. Sylvain Hamel

    Hi Ian,

    I think you made a good point about the Microsoft testing of Management pack. The sharepoint discovery bug was so obvious that it is impossible this MP has been dogfooded internally and also impossible there was external testers. I discover sometimes so many rules that are not working properly or as expected. I also understand creating an MP could be quite complicated but they are the expert, they should know what to monitor, what kind of thresholds to put and how to create an alert properly. (I receives sometime hundreds of messages because the rules/monitors are not built properly). What I also don’t like is the poor communication of problem for MP’s. There is no KBarticle for bug for each MP’s and I think this is wrong. Microsoft should include a web page for each MP’s explaining what to do to correct known problem. Now, it’s all spread out in blogs of MS internals, MVP or the community. (I mentionned that at the MMS but I haven’t seen any improvements in that area).

  2. Steve Burkett

    Where did you grab this MP from Ian? Doesn’t seem to appear on the SCOM catalog – did they pull it?

  3. Steve Burkett

    Ah yes, see in the ManagementPacks newsgroup that there’s a problem with the MP when you try and install the thing. Gives an error similar to:

    This assembly is not fully signed. Cannot verify the Strong Name signature of file

    MS have pulled the download and will republish shortly. Again, did any testing get done on this final release MP before they put this up for download? I think not.


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