R2 Info Starts to Flow

I have downloaded OpsMgr R2 but I have not had time to install it yet. But plenty of others have. So if you are looking for some quick info here are some links.

Robert Smit provides screen shots of the install (looks the same as standard 2007 except for the requirement of ASP.NET Ajax Extensions 1.0 for ASP.NET 2.0 plus you need to remember UAC if doing it on Windows 2008) http://www.aca-computers.nl/?p=157

Robert follows up with screen shots from the Cross Platform Extensions (now part of the product) http://www.aca-computers.nl/?p=158

Anders Bengtsson has picked on some of the new stuff with screen shots at http://contoso.se/blog/?p=304

Walter Eikenboom has tried installing it with Windows and SQL 2008 to prove that it all works. http://weblogwally.spaces.live.com/Blog/cns!A913F865098E0556!524.entry

UK MVP Gordon McKenna provides a very positive and incredibly enthusiastic appraisal of the product at  http://wmug.co.uk/blogs/gordons_blog/archive/2008/11/27/operations-manager-r2-totally-unleashed.aspx

Well it would not be Gordon otherwise. Gordon also posts about the new forums for the Xplat bits f R2.

If you missed the SCVUG meeting on Friday you missed a great session on R2 by Baelson Duque from the Product Group. The PDF of the session is at http://www.systemcenterusergroup.com/files/folders/meetingnotes/entry227.aspx

You need to login (free) to SCVUG. You can get the Live Meeting (32 MB) at Skydrive http://cid-1590b798c9cd6d68.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/Public/SCVUG/Nov2008?uc=1 but they do mention that “the quality of the Live Meeting video is not great (so demos are grainy), but the decks and audio are good”. They are not kidding. It is almost unwatchable. Shame as the demos were what made the presentation for me.

But is not all light and sweetness as Marius Sutara blogs on an issue with computer group and dependency health rollup in R2. Well it is a beta!

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