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Steve Wilson of Author MPs is back. Great news as the site provides really useful content. And registration is no longer needed.

Posted 1/1/2009 – Happy New Year

First of all apologies!  As you know I have not added new content to this site for well over a year.  As some of you know I actually left the System Center family at Microsoft and moved on to other endeavors within Microsoft which meant I did not really have any time to dedicate to this site.  However I kept the site going since there was still great demand for the content (over 4000 registered users and counting).

Well after some time away from the team I am back working on Operations Manager and back contributing to this site.  My role has changed a lot and I am no longer focused on the guts of the product as I used to be.  However I am going to keep posting technical content to this site and I am aiming to post at least one or two new samples or articles each week.  I am going to focus mostly on samples and tutorials moving forward and I posted my first new content yesterday for those of you keeping track – this was a tutorial on using property bags in scripts focused on running against multiple instances of a class.

I will also be back on mail to my account (  I will try my best to keep up with mail and respond where I can.  Don’t forget to use the Microsoft forums for your general questions.  Mail me if you have specific questions about the content on the site or want to see a sample of some feature / module.  I need to review the content on the site to make sure that it is up to date.  I will also be removing content that is now available on TechNet and redirecting you there so there is no duplication.  Give me a few weeks to get things organized.

Finally I have removed the requirement for you to register to get MP samples and tutorials.  I had originally put this in place so I could get an idea of how many people were using the site.  I may add some forum features later on at which point I will require registration again but for now – enjoy without the hassle of registering.

Thank you for using this site.  It’s great to be back again!


Although it seems like he has picked up US style spelling now he is in the States!


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