New Blog with MP Woes

Daniele Grandini (he created the “undiscovery” fix for the previous DNS MP) e-mailed me to say that he has now started a blog at

And immediately there are posts about problems with the new DNS MP and a corker with the ISA 2006 MP. He has created a test MP that emulates how to do a bad discovery so that it ups the CPU on the server – just like the ISA MP! Microsoft really need to sort out the quality control on their MPs. OpsMgr is picking up and R2 is looking good for this year. It would be a shame to ruin it due to MP issues that people will blame “OpsMgr” for and not the individual MPs.

Anyway a nice find with a small issue that I have just come across as I have just imported the DNS MP (6.0.6480.0) into a new environment and all the DNS servers have reported a problem with external resolution. As Daniele points out this is due to the monitor using instead of for the test domain. Override that and those nasty alerts go away.

Looks like a good blog to add to your feed.


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