Patch List Fix

This KB (958253) came through last week when I was on holiday but I noticed it on Daniel’s blog. It fixes the problem with limited space to show the agent patches. When I say fixes it strips away all the information apart from the KB number so a lot more information can be added. It also means that it is more readable.

Here is a screen shot of after installing it showing 2 agents with the new stripped down information. Overnight it worked its way through the agents and they are now all showing the new field apart from agents which are not reporting.


I have highlighted in the detailed tab the 2 relevant pieces of information that the new MP keeps.

You have to request the fix which is sent as a link in an e-mail with a password. The hotfix is an exe which you run and that creates a directory which has a couple of text files and an MSI and when you run the MSI you get the MP – at last! Why do they do this? The MP is System Center Internal Library v6.0.6278.55. The previous version was .19. Then it is a standard MP import.

Much better looking now when checking what hotfixes have been run on the agent. Thanks to Microsoft for fixing this.


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