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There has been a few posts about this survey but the one I saw originally was from Justin Incarnato of the Product Group.

Microsoft and the Operations Manager 2007 product team would like to know what you think about the quality of Microsoft management packs for Operations Manager 2007. This community survey is your chance to rate the quality and features of several management packs to help Microsoft understand where they need to focus their time and effort to improve management pack quality. 

This is a short survey (only 9 questions) allowing you to rate the individual quality of several management packs, and communicate your thoughts on monitoring features, tuning effort required – everything that makes for a good MP.

The survey should only take about 5 minutes. We’d like to get your feedback by Monday, February 16th if possible. However, we’ll leave the survey open longer if responses are still coming in sufficient numbers.

Click Here to take the survey

As I have a few posts about problems and quality issues with the MPs then I have already filled it out. Pity that there is no fields for comments! Also the first question asks about which MPs you have used or not used but you still have to tick not used to them again in multiple questions. If you have a problem with an MP not in the list (too noisy, hard to tune or just does not monitor enough) then there is no option to fill that in. I hope they are going to use it to improve the MP quality and not just as a marketing exercise.

There used to be an e-mail address ( that you used to be able to send feedback and suggestions to. I don’t know if that still exists but there is the ability to give feedback on Connect (need Hotmail/Passport/Live ID). You get the link to it at the bottom of the community page.


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  1. andrew

    i was excited to give feedback until i went to the form and they only had their defined list of MP’s and no comments section. it stayed open for half an hour on my other monitor 3/4 filled out and then i lost interest. come on MS! why do i have to dig so hard to use your product!

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