32 v 64 Bit Programs

Reading Aidan Finn’s post about having problems with agents as he used the 32 bit MOMCertImport.exe tool on a 64 bit server reminded me of a post I wanted to do.

I had a similar problem in that the server build team wanted to build the servers with the OpsMgr agent which was fine. But for DCs they got hold of oomads.msi but were using the 64 bit version on a 32 bit server. So obviously it did not work. And then came to me with the problem.

The files are different sizes but why can’t Microsoft call them oomads32.msi and oomads64.msi etc. If you download KB patches they name the patches differently. One I downloaded recently was 354607_ENU_i386_zip.exe with the 64 bit as 354627_ENU_x64_zip.exe. In the OpsMgr directories there are the various directories for the different versions. Would it be that difficult to name them to reflect the OS version? It would save a few PSS calls I am sure.

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  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking at the time 🙂

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