LSASS Processor Utilisation

The AD LSASS process is checked on a regular basis. There is a project at the customer site that I am at to replace the old DCs but in the meantime we have the OpsMgr agent on them. This monitor keeps on coming up a lot so I extended it to taking 5 samples instead of 3 and upped the threshold to 90% instead of 80%. Which helped. Now only a few alerts get created. Here is an interesting breach of threshold – 148%.


I bet you wish you had magic CPUs that could do more than 100%. I am not sure why they are replacing them if they can do more that 100%. 🙂


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  1. That’s intended behavior. That’s the total percentage of all cpus in the server. Part of the health rollup for the monitor will sanitize the data to what people expect to see, but the raw values are just like that 🙂

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