Updated HP Management Packs

I was about to install the HP MPs but thought that I would check and found that there are new versions on the HP site since my last download but there are no dates on the web site. The new versions are 1.2 for Proliant and 1.7 for Blade Systems.


The Blade MP was dated 24th Nov 08 after unzipping and the Proliant was 19th Dec 08. I did not see any announcements of these and the MP Catalog is still showing the previous versions dated March 2008.

Why isn’t the catalog updated? Is it Microsoft’s responsibility or is it up to HP to tell Microsoft? Either way someone needs to take responsibility as these MPs are months old.


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  1. Steve Burkett

    Ahoy there! New ProLiant and Blade System Management Pack alert! We’re now at v1.3 for the ProLiant servers, and v1.8 for the Blade Systems.

    The official MS Operations Manager 2007 catalog still shows only v1.1 & v1.6 being available. Nice.

    Changes from v1.2 for the ProLiant pack are:

    Event Processing Rules

    Following Event rules are added into SNMP Management Pack
    HP Agents Event ID Rule Name
    Server Agents 1034 Memory Board or Cartridge is failed.
    Server Agents 1035 Memory Degraded
    Server Agents 1038 Memory Board or Cartridge is failed
    Server Agents 1039 Memory degraded
    Storage Agents 1216 Drive Array Physical Drive degraded

    Following Event rules are added into WMI Management Pack
    HP Provider Event ID Rule Name
    HP Smart Array 104 Smart Array logical drive degraded – Multipath
    HP Smart Array 205 Smart Array physical drive Secure erase
    HP Ethernet 5 NIC teaming failed.
    HP Fibre Channel 6 FC Storage system link down.
    HP Fibre Channel 7 FC Storage system failed.

    Discovery and State Monitoring

    The HP ProLiant Server Management Pack version 1.3 adds HP Fiber Channel support into WMI Management Pack. The discovery and state monitoring scripts of the WMI Management Pack is updated to discover FC HBAs and monitor them.
    Diagnostic script for Health Collections Updated

    The diagnostic script is updated to support HP Fiber Channel.

    User Guide and Troubleshooting Assistant Changes

    HP ProLiant Server Management Packs version 1.3 removed old general User Guide and Troubleshooting Assistant for HP Server Management Packs.

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