MMS 2009 1st Day

I arrived at Las Vegas on Saturday so I had some time to get over the 8 hour time difference. It was nice to be able to walk around on Sunday in the sunshine. The Venetian is a great hotel and it is a lot quicker to get to the convention from the rooms compared to when they held it at Mandalay Bay.

Monday is not the official first day but they hold a number of hands on labs and some sessions. But to be honest, although the event does not officially start until tomorrow with the keynote, with the number of sessions running and attendees around it looked like a normal day. At one point it looked like there was not going to be food or drinks but they brought them out for lunch. Although they way they did the sessions meant that there was only 15 mins for lunch.

I did a couple of hands on labs this morning and then a series of sessions by Brian Wren based on the concept of creating an MP. I wish Brian had done this session 2 years ago! The labs were OK but there was some bits which were just standard OpsMgr and not new for R2 which I found frustrating but may have been good for people new to the product. I still find it amazing that they create these labs with mistakes in them when they are showcasing to a large audience. I did a couple of HOLs a few years ago and I got a friend who was not in IT to walk through to ensure that there was no mistakes and I had not jumped steps. Quality control please.

One thing though that I did notice is that the OpsMgr R2 console in the HOL was very quick even though it was running as a VM. Very promising. I am compiling a list of likes and dislikes as I get more exposure to the product that I will turn into a post later.

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