OpsMgr R2 Availability

At the keynote at the MMS they announced that OpsMgr 2007 R2 would be available in 30 days.

Remember, R2 is only free to organisations that have bought OpsMgr 2007 with Software Assurance. If you have OpsMgr without SA then you would need to buy new licences for all your management servers and agents. From what I have seen so far R2 is good with some nice new features and improvements. And for SA organisations and buying new R2 is a given. But I am having trouble envisaging a killer feature that would mean an organisation would pay for new licences rather than just wait for the next full version which I guess will be OpsMgr 2011. Especially in the current economic climate.

The biggest new feature is support for UNIX and Linux. But large organisations tend to have a separate team from the Windows team to look after those servers with their own tool. Smaller organisations may only have a few Linux servers and so would have tool to manage those if they are critical or an add-in from Jalasoft or Quest to monitor those from OpsMgr. So while it is a great addition I can not see it driving sales of OpsMgr to R2. I would be interested in hearing about organisations that are planning to upgrade.


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