Disk Space Free Report Solved!

At a session by Daniel Savage and Vitaly Filimonov on the new features of reporting (Service Level Tracking with integration into SharePoint – different from Service Level Dashboard, new report model for Report Builder and more) in R2 Vitaly demonstrated building a report using SQL queries which he built up to get a table report which included disk space and disk free. This is the report that everyone has asked for and from my previous blogs (here and here) on this particular report that generated the most comments and e-mails.


Although the screen shot above does not show the disk free column it is there just cut off on the slide.

Vitaly provided the SQL Query that he used in the demo so if the other columns like processor, memory are not needed then they can be removed. The other thing about R2 is that once you create a new report you can save that as a management pack and then export it and import it into other systems.

When I get back from Vegas I will be looking at this in my test environment running R2 RC and will report back on this report once I have tested it. But it is looking good for getting this most requested of reports. At last!



  1. Steven Atkinson

    Hi Ian,

    Do you know if this report will be made available in good old opsmgr 2007?


  2. Oscar Garza

    Do you have some similar to this report that works on MOM 2005…. I really needs some reports like this one but whcih works on MOM 2005.

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