Exchange 2007 MP Oddities

This post relates to OpsMgr 2007 SP1 with Exchange 2007 MP v6.0.6461.0.

Normally I ensure that there is an agent on each Exchange server before deploying the MP. This ensures that the underlying OS and IIS are OK before getting involved in the Exchange MP. But on this occasion the customer had one Exchange server that they did not want to have an agent on as it was a temporary server used for migration and was being decommissioned in a month.

After deploying the MP I received the usual alerts from the Test-OwaConnectivity, Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity, and Test-WebServicesConnectivity rules which indicated that the script New-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1 needs to be run to create the test mailboxes as per the MP Guide. This was done but I was still seeing some alerts but looking closely at the detail they showed that although the alerts were coming from the Exchange server with the agent they were actually referring to the mailbox server that did not have the agent. The Cas_GUID part showed that the GUID was one that I had not seen on running the script originally. I ran the New-TestCasConnectivityUser.ps1 script on the server without an agent and that resolved those alerts. It created the CAS_GUID account with the same GUID that I had seen in the alert.

Initially I could not run the script as the server had a recovery storage group on it. As that can not have mailboxes added the script fails. You need to remove the recovery storage group before running the script on that server,

You need to run the commands get-storagegroup and get-mailboxdatabase to get the information to get the right one to remove.

Another alert I saw was that there was an error for the external OWA test. In the MP Guide it says

To set an external URL, you must run the Set-OwaVirtualDirectory Exchange Management Shell command. The syntax of the command is: set-owavirtualdirectory “<Server name>\owa (Default Web site)” -externalurl:https://<Fully Qualified Domain Name>/owa

I checked and found that this was already set correctly. I then discovered that the Exchange server needed Rollup 7 whereas these ones only had Rollup 6. This is because the domain name that the client uses is different from the FQDN that they have and so have a disjoint namespace.

Note that Rollup 8 has been released.


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