MMS 2009 DVD

One of the nice things about attending the MMS is that you get a DVD with all the sessions on it so that you can watch the ones that you missed. Makes it a lot easier when there are multiple sessions that you want to see. Just a pain that it takes so long. Just received this e-mail.

Dear MMS 2009 Attendee,

This e-mail serves as confirmation that your MMS 2009 DVD set has been shipped and you should be receiving it within 1-2 weeks (International locations may take longer).  The DVD set has been sent via the U.S. Postal Service to the address included with your registration information.  

Just a few more weeks now. Luckily I downloaded a number of the videos from the MMS site when I was there and could watch those. Actually if you are an attendee you can still logon on to the site and download the presentations and videos. But it is nicer to have the DVD.

It reminds me that one of the OpsMgr sessions that they should have ran was how to deal with certificates. I am sure that would have been popular.


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