Free Disk Space Report – Additional Information

I have blogged about Ziemek’s free disk space report before. I have run this at a customer site and they were very impressed with the report. The MP, XML and SQL query are all available at Ziemek’s blog.

There are a number of things though that you need to be aware of.

As I mentioned previously if you use System Center Data Protection Manager it creates very long names for the disk drives and that skews the report so that it does not print out well or export to PDF without creating multiple pages. I have found exporting it to Excel first works well.

I tried it on a system with 395 servers and it would time out. Rerunning would often do the trick and get the report. There is a timeout value of 9999 in the XML. I am not sure if that can be increased. The obvious solution would be to use groups to then do the reports in smaller chunks.

And that leads to the third issue. When you use the drop down list it does not show all groups but just a selection. I asked Ziemek about that and he has actually coded it in as he did not want all the computer groups to drop down in his environment. What it does is look for computer groups that do not contain : but do contain Computers. So if you create custom groups that has the word computers in it but without : they will be picked up.

If you look at the XML file you can see the query.



<CommandText>SELECT FullName, DisplayName FROM OperationsManagerDW.dbo.vManagedEntity with (nolock) where Path is null and FullName not like ‘%:%’ and DisplayName like ‘%Computers%'</CommandText>



So you could always change that line in the XML if you want more groups of if you create custom groups with your organisations name it then you can swap that for computers so that only those groups show up in the drop down list. Note that this query shows up twice so I presume you need to change both.

Even with these caveats it is still a great report. And one that should have been in 2007 from the start.


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  1. I installed the MP from the mp file and from the xml file…I don’t get the Board group in my reports there is no report to run.What am I doing wrong?(scom 2007 r2)

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