Free PowerShell Book

If you wanted to know more about PowerShell then there is a free PDF you can download from It is called “Mastering PowerShell” and it is 567 pages long. It is written by Dr. Tobias Weltner.

It is useful to know PowerShell for OpsMgr as there are areas where it is very easy to do a one liner in PowerShell that is impossible in the console. However you may want to read this article about whether you should learn scripting.

My view is that I do not want to learn to be a scripting guru but having a stock of PowerShell scripts that I have gleaned from blog posts over the years is very useful. Once I have a line or script that I find useful I put it in a text file so that I can use it at multiple customer sites. Of course in order to use these correctly and modify them you do need to know a bit about PowerShell. This is a case where a little knowledge is a useful thing.

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  1. Being a scripter myself, I don’t agree with one single word of what the guy you quote says. But that’s life… you can’t agree with anyone, I suppose 😉

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