Windows 7 RTMs and Windows 2008 R2 Too

Build 7600 has RTMed. I have been using the beta/RC and it is a lot smoother than Vista. Probably more important to OpsMgr readers is that Windows 2008 R2 has also RTMed. This is the first OS from Microsoft that is 64 bit only. It can support 256 logical processors. That is a lot of CPU power. Probably the big news is Live Migration for Hyper-V. Microsoft gets closer to making Hyper-V a fit for enterprise production to offer real competition for VMWare ESX.

Availability seems a bit convoluted as outlined here but 4Sysops sums it up better.


MSDN and Technet subscribers: August 6 in English, October -  remaining languages

Software Assurance (SA) customers: August 7, remaining languages a couple of weeks later via the Volume License Service Center (VLSC).

Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Portal: August 16

Microsoft Action Pack Subscribers: August 23rd

Volume License customers without SA: September 1

Consumers: October 22


6th August! That is just 15 days away. Better get reading and planning.


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