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I was away on holiday and on coming back I noticed a large number of comments. Most were the same question from one person. While I try and answer these questions sometimes time pressures (I have paid work to do) and sometimes being away on holiday means it is not possible to answer these questions.

A blog post is not a good place to ask a technical question. Especially when the post is al;most 2 years old. It is called a comment field for a reason and not Ask The Blogger a Technical Question. The best places to ask technical questions is on the forums. There are a few but these are probably the best two for OpsMgr.

Microsoft ā€“

SystemCenter Central ā€“

There are plenty of Microsoft Support people and MVPs as well as other people that know OpsMgr that go onto these forums to answer questions. That should be your first port of call for a technical question unless you have a support agreement with Microsoft and you can ask them direct.


PS I had a great time skiing by the way. It is nice to get away from technology now and again.


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