Management Pack Catalog Revamp

After Microsoft moved the MP Catalogue to PinPoint (or PainPoint as I called it) it was incredibly difficult to find MPs. The site has been revamped allowing you to filter by product (OpsMgr, ConfigMgr etc) instead of all lumped together. Then you can filter by company that made the MP and also sort by release date or name. Brilliant. We are back where we started.

The link is here


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  1. Omar Abdula

    Talking about MPs, I recently found a company that offers specific MPs for OpsMgr, for many of the most used network devices like, Cisco Switches, routers, firewalls, VMware, and a bunch of others. They have hundreds of out of the box rules, which makes life much easier for the user. The name of the company is Jalasoft, maybe you can search for it as a way to test the new Management Pack Catalog Revamp.

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