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In the old days you had to attend MMS to see the sessions and a few months later they would send a DVD (or 2) with all the sessions so you could catch up on the ones that you missed. If you were lucky you could get some extra DVDs to hand out or if you were not there pick up one from a friend. These days the videos are all online and in fact most of them were up 1 to 2 days after they were recorded. Absolutely brilliant. They can be watched online at

You can also download the videos to watch offline from the same source. You have a choice of formats to download these files. It is handy as I am working at a site where I need to go by train and the hour journey is enough to watch a video – especially when you change the speed to do 1.4x.

If you want to down load all of them it is a bit tedious but a few people have presented PowerShell scripts to help.

Stefan Stranger (ex MVP and now at Microsoft) has a couple.


List of sessions as an Excel spreadsheet

I used this one below to download the files and Stefan’s above to get the sessions as an Excel file.

Note that these scripts  all need PowerShell v3.

This downloads the media files as WMV files. Before I used the script I had downloaded a few as MP4 which was handy for my tablet.

An interesting one was this one which gave you a menu of what format you wanted to download the files in.

But from comments it does not work and it did not work for me. The author is aware of it and has said he will fix it when he gets time. There was another comment that posted some PowerShell that was supposed to fix the problem. I never got around to trying it as I had already started with the other script.

This is a big help to those of us who did not manage to get across to Las Vegas for the MMS. A big thanks to Channel  9 for making these available.


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