Copy SCOM View Data to Excel

 I come across this post regarding SCSM and thought it worth pointing out that it works in SCOM as well.

Go to a view (State or Alerts) and do Ctrl-A to select all the rows. Ctrl-C to copy and then paste the results into Excel. Instant spread sheet of the data in the view.  A lot easier than using PowerShell to export the data to CSV and then bring it into Excel. And it also brings in the column names as well.
This works best when not using the Group Items By feature. If the group by is closed then only the titles get copied and you cannot expand them in Excel. If they are expanded in SCOM then all the data will be copied but the Group Items By will just be another row in the spread sheet.
This does not work on performance views or any of the views in the Authoring area.

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