SCSM 2012 – SCOM CI Connector Warnings

When you setup the CI (Configuration Items) connector from SCOM to SCSM it expects that the classes that are in SCOM are in SCSM as well. This is achieved by importing the SCOM MPs that have all the classes defined. This is usually the Library MPs but other MPs may have classes in as well and some MPs may reference others and so cannot be imported without the MP that it references. It is usually easier to import all the MPs imported into SCOM rather than work out the tangled relationships!

As this is important you would expect that the SCSM MP would warn you if there are problems with this. The latest MP, Service Manager 2012 MP v 7.5.1561.0, does not do this. The MP does check that the SCSM server key areas are working but there does not seem to be any rules or monitors for the connector. But there are warning events in the OperationsManager log though. These three were the ones seen but there may be others.

Event – 34093

Connector Name=SCOM to SCSM CI Connector, Id=143ebfac-999c-1e31-2736-469f0b850b8b Class Microsoft.Windows.DNSServer.Library.Server was not found in Service Manager. The management pack Microsoft.Windows.DNSServer.Library in which the class was defined may have been removed from Service Manager since synchronization  was setup.  Ensure that the management pack is present in Service Manager or edit the connector configuration to remove it from the list of synchronized management packs.

Event – 39094

Connector Name= SCOM to SCSM CI Connector, Id=143ebfac-999c-1e31-2736-469f0b850b8b Cannot create part of service map [Active Directory Topology Root]. Skipped component: Microsoft.SystemCenter.Apm.CsmAgent. Class of skipped component: Client-Side Monitoring Agent.  The component Microsoft.SystemCenter.Apm.CsmAgent is defined in management pack Operations Manager APM Infrastructure. Check for prior errors that indicate if importing a missing management pack can help resolve this issue.

Event – 34096 

Connector Name=SCOM CI Connector, Id=069e77c4-42e5-9e24-8488-e72fb160e1a6
Skipping import of instances of class Microsoft.Windows.Server.6.2.NetworkAdapter. The management pack Microsoft.Windows.Server.Library that defines this class has version 6.0.7026.0 in Operations Manager that is higher than its version 6.0.6989.0 in Service Manager.
The following steps will resume import of instances of this class:
1) Import management pack Microsoft.Windows.Server.Library with version 6.0.7026.0 into Service Manager.
2) Edit the connector configuration and ensure that this management pack is selected for synchronization.

In one case the Windows Server OS had been updated in SCOM but was not imported into SCSM so the versions were not in synch. This creates an event for each class in the MP.  In the other cases the MPs were in SCOM but not in SCSM.

In order to pick these events up I created a custom MP with three rules. I recommend that if you are you are using the SCOM CI Connector to SCSM that you create a custom MP with these three rules. You can anme them something else if you don’t like the names I have used. Hopefully in the next release of the MP that these will be added.

The three rules to create.
The rules all use the same, source, Log and target and create warning alerts.
• Source – Operations Manager Connector
• Log – Operations Manager
• Target – SCSM 2012 Management Server

Event – 34093
Name – SCOM CI Connector for SCSM – SCOM Class was not found in Service Manager – missing MP

Event – 34094
Name – SCOM CI Connector for SCSM – Cannot create part of service map

Event – 34096
Name – SCOM CI Connector for SCSM – Skipping import of instances of class


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