MP Author SP1

I received an email that the free MP authoring tool from Silect is now at SP1. But there is very little information about what is contained in this upgrade. There is still just the single exe file and the PDFs for installation and getting started. I run the exe and it upgraded my existing installation without any problems.

This is the about screen for RTM.


And for SP1


As well as the version increase there is a Feature added – Maximum users = 100.

The only thing that the web site seems to say is integration with MP Studio. Their web page has a video of the integration with MP Studio but it also walks through creating a basic management pack (very quickly). But it is a great little video to get an idea of how much better MP Author is compared to the old Microsoft Authoring Console for 2007.


New MP Author SP1 is now fully integrated with MP Studio v5.2 – check out the new video demo here.

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