About Ian Blyth

Ian Blyth is a specialist in Microsoft’s Operation Management technologies and after leaving Microsoft Ltd founded Cosisris Ltd (www.cosiris.co.uk) as a Microsoft partner to help organisations with Operations Manager. 

I can be reached via e-mail – ianblyth at gmail dot com.

Ian has been involved in IT as a full time job since 1990. Before that Ian did it as a hobby and then found out that people would pay him for it! Ian was at Deloitte & Touche (originally Touche Ross) for 10 years starting in internal support then Network Manager and then Strategy and R&D Manager before moving over to the client facing consultancy where Ian did IT strategies, network reviews and designed and project managed infrastructure upgrades. Ian was in Microsoft UK for 6 years. The last 4 was in the management technologies space where Ian was Lead Technical Specialist for MOM.

Ian was born in Scotland and went to Stirling University where he recieved a chemistry degree and now lives in the South East area of England. His main hobby for almost 25 years has been skiing and Ian used to be an ASSI ski instructor.

Ian also has a personal blog – “It’s Just a Thought” at http://ianblyth.wordpress.com/.

Skiing     Casual on holiday

Skiing in Andorra (a few years ago) and a recent picture of Ian in Mexico on holiday.


  1. Claudia Ricaldez

    Hello Ian,

    We (Jalasoft Marketing team) were wondering if you would like to join one of our Xian Io live demos. We are currently holding a series of Xian Io live demos this month. Xian Io is our upcoming version for Ops Mgr. 07. I believe that you will find our live meetings informative and interesting. If you would like to receive more details please register our Xian Io mail alert (http://www.jalasoft.com/jalasoftweb/jsp/index.jsp).

    Best regards!

  2. Ronald Bigras

    Hey Ian, how are you, your website is one of the good one. I hope you remember be, ronald from montreal (was with you at microsoft.

    I have a quick question for you. Do you have any idea how to forward all the mom alert to hp openview without using the engyro connector?

    Let me know please



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