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SCSM 2012 – SCOM CI Connector Warnings

When you setup the CI (Configuration Items) connector from SCOM to SCSM it expects that the classes that are in SCOM are in SCSM as well. This is achieved by importing the SCOM MPs that have all the classes defined. This is usually the Library MPs but other MPs may have classes in as well …

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Copy SCOM View Data to Excel

 I come across this post regarding SCSM and thought it worth pointing out that it works in SCOM as well. Go to a view (State or Alerts) and do Ctrl-A to select all the rows. Ctrl-C to copy and then paste the results into Excel. Instant spread sheet of the data in the view.  …

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OpsMgr 2012 Beta First Looks

The public beta has now been released for those of you who want to test it. Download – (About 1 GB and 3 MB for the zipped docs) Microsoft site for beta – Technet Site -   There are already three posts showing a simple (all components on one server) screenshot install. …

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