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July 2009 Roundup

  Anders used to do a monthly blog post called Links During Month. He has not done one for a while and so I thought that I would have a go to summarise all the new stuff for one month. I can see why he gave it up. It is quite time consuming! The big …

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OpsMgr Licensing Bombshell!

The last two posts I have been mentioning that one OML can monitor all the agents on a virtual server as it is one device. And that is how it started anyway. I had a note from a friend at Microsoft which is why my last post had a warning on the end. Anyway here …

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Standard v Enterprise OML and Virtual Machines

I was explaining the differences between the Standard and Enterprise OML to a client which is at Interestingly one of the MPs that they say only needs a Standard OML is WSS. But WSS requires IIS and .Net v3. Therefore having it as a basic workload does not make sense as the only way to …

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